Ninja Vs. Vitamix: Find The Right Blender For Your Needs

We compared two most popular blenders out there – Vitamix S30 and Nutri Ninja Auto IQ – that offer great value and functionality as well

Part 1. Why do I want a blender anyway?

Until not so long ago, I never needed a blender in my kitchen. I used to satisfy myself with a hastily cooked steak with some pasta on its side. I thought then, why would somebody want to spend money on this kitchen appliance, if they don’t make milkshakes? Little did I know.

When I got my own apartment and decided to enhance my culinary prowess, the realization came quickly. A versatile tool like blender is a must for anyone, who wants to diversify what they eat.

Turns out, blenders are not only for making smoothies or cocktails. People use them to cook various soups, sauces, desserts, make their own ingredients – imagination is the only boundary here. I’ve personally grown quite fond of the banana oatmeal muffins in the mornings.

Depending on your needs and the complexity of the food you want to make, careful selection of the right blender is crucial. Think about power, functionality, accessories and size of the product you are going to need – believe me, they all matter down the road.

Part 2. Narrowing the choice down

The market nowadays has a lot of different models to offer. Each of them comes with a number of features, at a different price, of course. We decided to select and compare two, perhaps, most popular brands out there, to make your purchase less stressful.

Either Ninja or Vitamix blenders are usually the right choice for anyone who wants a useful kitchen appliance.The brands offer great usability and functionality, yet they are aimed at different customers.

The Vitamix blenders have been used by amateurs and professional chefs for years. They come with a somewhat steep price tag, starting at around 448 dollars. They are really powerful machines and will blend frozen food, ice or nuts with ease.

The Ninja blenders are advertised as the cheaper answer to Vitamix, and can be found at a general price of 126 dollars. They are also capable of dealing with solid food and ice, yet there are still some differences between the two.

We chose some of the most popular blenders, the Vitamix S30 and the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ, and put them against each other in a side by side comparison.